Once upon a time in the UAE, there was a group of young Emiratis…Emiratis are merely nationals, but these particular ones were special…So special that they combined their passion for media and channeled them into a single show…A show that is unprecedented in initiative and unique in concepts…Concepts that young media generalists can associate with under ‘The Mediana Show' title…A title that is wordplay of both ‘Media' and ‘Na', the latter representing the ‘our' suffix as pronounced in Arabic; resulting in ‘Our Media'.
So, what is the Mediana Show really?
If you are fueled by passion for the national cases that disrupt our simplest means of comfort concerning the media business, then dig deep inside using the bar on your left. If you are really concerned about your role in this beloved country as a national, then you wouldn't close this windows, but rather go on with this website, and rest assured that you won't be disappointed.This is simply an offering from Emiratis to Emiratis.   Yalla ta3alo!