Who were Behind It?

A birth of child from nothing is the best way we could exemplify the formulation of the concept behind the Mediana Show 2006.  In essence, great concepts come out of great minds, especially if such minds belonged to a unique batch of Emirati males and females who combined their efforts in creating the concept behind the Mediana Show 2006.

The unique ensemble that conceived the Mediana Show 2006 is as follows:

  • Ahmed Al Rais                                    
  • Ahmed Thani
  • Hanadi Saleh
  • Jassim Kamali
  • Mariam J. Al Sarkal
  • Maryam H. Al Balooshi
  • Marwan M. Al Sharafi
  • Mohammed Haji
  • Muna Bin Kalli
  • Noora Al Abbar
  • Saeed A. Al Mehairi                                        
  • Sultan E. Al Zaabi