What is Mediana?

Mediana Show 2006 is simply TV show modeled after a talk show, where young Emiratis specialized in media would have the chance to exchange their knowledge and experiencesThis show is an attempt to break away from countless media-related gatherings that Emiratis no longer pay attention to.  Thus, the Mediana Show 2006 would sail against the ongoing tides of monotony in order to provide young Emiratis interested in the field of media with food for thought regarding issues that trouble them a lot.

The Mediana Show 2006 would make you feel impelled (NOT COMPELLED) to reflect on yourself and your position in the UAE media.  As a matter of fact, it would give you a surge to dive in yourself and resurface with your potentials!

The Mediana Show 2006 already debuted on the 11 th of April with wide acclaim both from Emiratis media students and graduates, as well as selected prominent figures in the local media.

Feeling too bad you missed it? Please don't, as you would have the chance to catch up in the post-Mediana session that would take place on the 7 th of June 2006 at Dubai Men's College (Al Rowaya, Dubai-Al Ain Road). 

In that date, the organizers of the Mediana Show are releasing two products of their products!  

Want to attend and have your dose of the Mediana Show 2006?